[Gist] How To Get Any Girl To Give You Her Phone Number – Jessica Os

Jessica Opara-Safaro is a Ghanian media personality, radio broadcaster, and entrepreneur. She also owns a YouTube channel as a relationship expert.

Few hours ago, relationship expert popularly known as Jessica Os took to her YouTube channel to reveal how a guy can get a lady’s phone number.


She posted a video saying “don’t ever ask for her phone number straight up”


Most guys feel the first thing to do is ask for her number. She revealed that guys should never do these two things:


1. Can I have your number?

2. Do you mind if I have your number?


She stated that doing these two things put her in a place of advantage where she can refuse your request because you’re pleading for it. She then gave a breakdown of how it should be done.


She said the best way is to say “I love talking to you, give me your number because I would like to hang out again sometime”.


The second way you could a girl’s phone number is “Waiting for the right time”. These are the wrong time:


1. Don’t ask her at the beginning when she doesn’t know you.


2. Don’t ask her at the end of the conversation.


The right time is to ask her when the conversation is going well.


Another way is getting to know her better before asking for her number.


Another way is picking up an excuse to get her number.


Another way is to be prepared for rebound questions. (I.e) What do you say when she refuses to give you her number.

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